Its good to have perception of life. But do always things work out in the way we plan…?

Not always …Sometimes we have to choose different paths due to one or another reason or sometime our almighty destiny has different plans for us.
Isn’t it funny thing life changes within blinks of eye and we wonder how and when and why it all happened…??

You know  there will always come time when things will start falling apart , things will go beyond our limits , we will  feel lost . Nothing will excite you anymore and you will see darkness.

But you know what’s the deal about it??
Its the time it will let you know the value of  What it means to be gathering strength and standing up everytime when you fall.Because it is easy to give up but it take lots of courage and patience to stand , to work and to wait for things that you deserve.

Life is constant ebb and flow .Dont get discouraged .Some magical things will happen at last moment. And you will be thankful for not loosing hope and giving your best till end. Miracles happen when you give as much as energy to your dreams than your fears..

what is done is already done..Now we can’t change the past..but.

Like in Batman Bruce Wayne said

Its not who you are but what you do defines you!!!



In this journey we often meet certain people who change the way we look , analyze and treat some things..

You know what’s biggest irony the people whom you take granted once  , the people with whom shared good bond will be the people who will judge you , treat you bad , disrespect you when the situation changes or in bad phases or you make different choices which was obviously not expected…

but in this whole cycle there will be one thing who will hold you up , who will not allow you to break and that is…..              our family..They will strengthen you with their love and support.. Family is not only about bond and blood relation its beyond all ..Its all about trust they put on you when you go through some challenging phase..Its all about walking with us on the road when everyone left. Its all about our strength we get when we see them.

And when that so called challenging phase gets over you will thank these so called granted people who was with you when you were doing good. Becasuse these are the people who taught you whats it mean to be blessed with this family. Its true blessing god will give at the end of the day!!

Everything happens for reason. let things unfold it in their own ways at right time.. because it doesn’t matter what hurts today but what’s the last chapter of it and how well you ran the race..

Nominated for Libster award!!☺☺

The Liebster Award 2018

For this nomination I really want to thank  Words of Orisis blog. You have shared great opportunity for young and new bloggers.I really feel wonderful as I had made some impression here that made you to nominate for this award. 

The Liesbster Award works as a chain of referrals where if you get nominated you have to answer eleven questions and nominate another eleven bloggers to answer your eleven questions. Lots of elevens but only one winner would be announced at the end of the year.

My Nominees

And here they are

  1. Krafting Thoughts
  2. Words of Orisis

1.How much do you like my blog?

2.If you had one wish, what would it be?

3.Have you gone through something life changing, in your life? 

4.Which language would you like to learn?

5.Whats your name ?

6.What is your occupation? 

7.What is favourite outfit for a family function?

8.How much glass of water do you drink in a day?

9.Do you believe in Law of Attraction?

10.What is your favourite fruit?

11.where do you want to go on roadtrip?

My Q/A:.                                                            

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to yourself or your mom while you were growing?                             If I get chance then I would tell myself that Be Bold! Be bold with your choices. Be bold with desicion you take.Becasuse Life is within this moment at present.Live it to fullest. If you don’t do it now then it will never happen in future.                       

 2.If you could choose to be element (one found in the periodic table) which one you would choose and why you would choose?

Helium .Because its nobal gas and lighter than hydrogen i . e. Air. So balloons filled with helium fly high in the sky.

3.What was your greatest ‘could have been’? Could be any kind of missed opportunity or something you still long for.

I wish I had worked bit harder in my 12th standard(A levels). So I could get admission in college I dreamt.But this taught me importance of efforts and persistence.but you don’t think cup of tea will be tasteless if there is no sugar! Likewise only failures will give you joy and satisfaction of this rollercoaster journey. 

4.What keeps you up at night? 

Only two things keeps me up at night.First is sitting on bed , having coffee and reading my favorite books(Harry Potter series) and get lost in world of magic and wizards!!🌚

Second is obviously doing my homework!!!😁

5.If you could turn into ant man (small size), who would you spy upon and would you wrestle a cockroach for the lolz? *Yes, that’s one questions.

Offcourse I would wrestle cockroache and win.Further as debt i will demand to sit on cockroach and spy on you.

6.Have you ever heard of Malta before?  Yes I came to know about Malta from your blogs.Great destination to travel and know different culture. 

7.If you were Jeff Bezos but with hair, what would you do with the money?

I would order one backpack and necessary stuff required for travelling from Amazon and go for world tour😝😜.

8.What is your stance on toilet paper, ply over or under? Explain*Attention: your followers will judge you*

  It’s anonymous.

9.Who is the most inspiring person you came across? Be it face to face, read about him or met him on the web, they all count.?

Journey from holmless to Havard-Author  and motivational speaker Liz   Murray

 She  was  born to drug-addicted parents in New York. Yet, against all the odds and without a roof over her head, she returned to high school at 17 and went on to win a scholarship to study at Harvard. She told BBC World Service’s Outlook her remarkable story

10.What furry animal you wish it could speak english?

I wish if dog could speak we could get another companion on whose solder we can keep our head and just chit chat having delicious cookies.

11Donald Trump, Kim Jon Un, Robert Mugabe: Shag, Marry, Kill?

I don’t want to shag or marry any of them …So third option would be better.

To my kind of crazy shades

We are often caught up in life when we forget to appreciate amazing people we meet.

These people are like milestones on the road. one day they will come and introduce you to yourself ,a betterself . And they will change the way you look at life..

You know What’s funny things about them  are..

They are coolest people you have ever meet.They have colorful past , made bad choices , have taken many risks , learned lessons and still managed to win.

These are my kind of favorite people…

#cheers avalara

Falling has its own beauty!

What is greatest irony of life …?

Life will give you thousand reasons to cry but at the same time it will give one reason to smile.

This one reason is millions times worth than those thousand reasons…

Yes it’s true when we have been broken , when we have fallen down then and then only we can taste the beauty of  feeling complete , feeling  satisfied and most important what it feels like achieving those things.
Always remember 

Don’t look at those thousand reasons that brings you down ..just look at that one reason to rise up and make the most out of it..

– Trupti Bhosale


Life is beautiful journey and if you fall in love with this journey there will be more to be happy with it.

We always try to find our happiness defined by society. We fail to enjoy and rejoice the little moments in our life where the greatest infinity of big steps lies.

Its not that life is unfair with us and fair with someone. Its all about walking on the road making our self derservable for that things. So  when right time comes we can hold and keep it.

As Doumbledore said-

Happiness can be found even in the darkest time only if we remember to turn on the lights.

– Trupti Bhosale


What’s best about memories… 

Memories are just like rain…Once they start to fall , you can’t stop them in middle.

They will fall … heavily and   there will be thunder in your head,       floods in your mind..

within flash of seconds your life will pass in front your eyes..

You know what’s best part of it ..  you can’t decide whether memories are making you  happy or sad…giving you anger or satisfaction….giving you peace or pain..


Its not actually that  we are missing badly moments we spent…..    but the person we used to be …      the person we are..      the person we are becoming..         the person we will be..

because It will be never same again..
– Trupti Bhosale

One stranger

One day will come in your life and you will not have idea that this..yes this day will change a lot..some stranger will come in your life and will loose all of you…Even though you don’t want to believe you would like to loose this time..
who says love at first sight does not exist..Because each time I saw you I fell in love with you more and more…

You and just you … Whenever I see your name a big  smile come on my face…Isn’t it so natural that someone makes you happy just by doing nothing..

  You die to see them.You want to be reason behind their smile. The reason behind their peace .The reason behind their last thoughts in long nights..

Its just like

 for you thousand times over…


Mistakes and slips are a necessary evil part of our daily living. We learn through them all the time. Life is too broad for us to do everything so perfectly, but we must not justify our mistakes and slips when we know that we are far better than our mistakes! The best regret is to take a robust action in the right direction to prove how far better we are than our mistakes and slips.

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